Tips To Boost Your Android Ram Performance РAppearance of a slow smart phone is definitely a special event for its users. One of the biggest causes of slow Android performance is RAM (Random Access Memory) with limited capacity.

For example, if the RAM capacity of a smartphone is 1GB. Compared to high-capacity RAM cellphones on top, users certainly feel the device is weaker when accessing many applications.

Well, how do you increase RAM performance by not having to replace a smart phone? Based on experience, one aspect that can be done is with the Smart Booster application.

This application can hoist and optimize the use of RAM, is stopping the background process of applications that consume RAM.

How to use Smart Booster

1. First, you can download and install the Smart Booster – Free Cleaner application on Android. This application can be downloaded by the Google Playstore application.

2. Once installed, open the Smart Booster application, then you can choose Start Now. To start releasing RAM, you can press the Rocket icon.

Adding More RAM

3. To provide more RAM, you can enter the Settings menu and select the RAM Boost menu and change the Boost Level to Aggressive.


4. In order to maximize RAM release, you can enter the RAM Boost menu, checklist Boost When Screen Off, then change the Delay to Boost When Screen Off option to Immediately.


That way, you don’t need to manually boost if the smartphone’s performance is slower.

How, it’s easy to do right? If you feel the smartphone RAM is running out quickly and the smartphone is getting slower and slower you can try the tips above. Always keep the rest of RAM in your smartphone so that it isn’t slow or slow and interferes with your daily activities.