7 Ways to Root Android without a PC Using Some Trusted Applications –  Generally when we want to root Android must use a computer (PC). Then what if we don’t have a PC? Can I root Android without a PC? Of course the answer can be, that is, using a special application to meet these needs.
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how to root Android without this PC You need to prepare several things, namely:

> First, you need to make sure your internet connection is stable. The goal is to avoid crashing your file.

> Second, the battery is at least above 80% so that your Android doesn’t die before the process is complete.

> Third, enable Unknown Source or Unknown Source. You can activate it by going to the Settings menu> Security> select Unknown Source> then select Enable.

> Fourth, you need to set up the root application for Android. (Read Also : Tips To Boost Your Android Ram Performance)

Here’s How To Root For Android Without PC With Multiple Applications

1. With the iRoot Application

For this method, you have to download the application and make sure the unknown source is enabled. Next you need to install this application in an internet condition that is still on because root with this application requires an internet network.

Then open the application and click the green button, the root process will automatically run. You need to wait for the process for about 5 minutes and if success notification appears, you can restart your Android. After that, check whether the iRoot application already has the KingUser menu to find out the root status. You can also check it by downloading the root checker application. Root with the iRoot application is complete.

2. With the Framaroot Application

First you need to download this application and make sure that your unknown source is enabled. After that, install and open the Framaroot application where later you will find Select an action to execute after root. If you have found it, choose Install SuperSU, then select GAndalf and the rooting process will start automatically. You only need to wait for the process to complete.

For the root process that runs well, the words Superuser and su binary installed will appear. You have to reboot your device. Next you need to restart by pressing OK. When the restart process is complete, then look for the SuperSU application by using the app draw or installing the Root checker app that can be downloaded from the Play Store. After that, install the normal binary mode and your root process is complete.

3. With the Kingroot Application

Like how to root for Android without a PC before, you have to download this application first and make sure unknown source is enabled. Then install this application and open it and click Menu or line three in the upper left corner of the Android screen. After that, click Try Root and wait until the process reaches 100%. If successful, a check icon will appear and the root process on your Android is complete.

4. With the TowelRoot Application

For how to root Android without a PC, the first thing to do is download the application and make sure the unknown source is enabled. Then install and open the application, then click Make it Ra1n. Check using the root checker application to find out if root is successful.

5. With the KingoRoot application

How to root for Android without a PC with this one application is almost the same as before. You simply download and install the application. When it is installed, you can just click on One Click Root in the KingoRoot application then wait for the results.

6. With the RootGenius Application

First, download the application, install it and click on a circular image and a box will appear that says install this application. Then install until it’s complete. You need to pay attention, if the process for rooting has finished, then on the mobile screen there will be KingUser writing, which means the rooting process has been successful.

7. With the Z4 Root Application

This one application is one of the root applications without using the oldest computer. For how to root for this last Android-free PC, you have to download this application from the official website. Then install this application on your smartphone and open the application. After that, choose root and wait until the process is complete. Be sure to restart your Android so that all processes are complete.
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Those are some ways to root Android without a PC by utilizing several root applications. By rooting your Android, you can feel some of the advantages. For example, the Android display is more unique and different than before, your Android battery will be more efficient. Besides that, your internal memory will also be more relieved and you can install applications that were previously not installed on your Android. Keep trying and good luck.